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Summer storm, July 1999. A massive cumulonimbus incus cloud to our north east which, I think, produced a heavy thunderstorm in the Taunton area.

Summer storm 1999

I took these pictures a long time ago. They were taken not far apart at an exposed site around 300m amsl. I'm not absolutely sure of the date, but from the position of the snowdrifts (the first picture is looking due north, the second due west) it looks like April 1981 - the last time big snow drifts appeared in our Devon lanes.

Snowdrifts April 1981

more 1981 snow

Snow showers to the south east, late afternoon 9th December 1990.

Snow showers December 1990

All these pictures have been compressed to some extent. This results in easier downloading, but at some loss of quality. Pre 2002 pictures were taken using a SLR camera, post 2002 pictures are also being taken using a 3.3 mega pixel digital camera.

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