Weather: Summer 2007

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Kennick Reservoir still full at summer's end

August 2007.

Mean temperature

A fairly average August. Perhaps on the cool side, but some sunny weather as well. Localised heavy showers on the 6th gave over 30mm of rain.

Tabulated data.

May 07

Trenchford reservoir 07/07

Trenchford Reservoir

July 2007.

Mean temperature 13.7C

Cool and wet - in complete contrast to last year.

An amazingly intense shortlived downpour early on the 17th.

Tabulated data.

July 07

June 2007.

Mean temperature 13.5C

Warm at first, cooler later.

Sustained wet spell from about the 13th to months end making it an exceptionally wet June.

Tabulated data.

June 07

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