A picture of the striking hollow at SX 554896, about a mile south of Meldon Reservoir, Dartmoor (it's not obvious but there is a deep valley between the photographer and the hollow).

In areas close to ice sheets the actions of ice and frost collecting in a north facing hollow can erode it out further to form a feature called a 'nivation hollow' (and in which a glacier would start if the climate cooled more). When Dartmoor was near the edge of the ice sheet during the last ice age it was probably cold enough for such features to form, this is perhaps the best candidate on the moor to be the remains of one. If the climate had been colder then maybe Dartmoor would have had glaciers, however it never was.

Dartmoor landform

Other landforms show features charcteristic of peri glacial times. Further pictures of these will be added as time permits.