Bridford weather: 19/08/18

Day/month/yearly data & current readings at : 22:21

  • Temperature: 16.5C
  • ( 'Dewpoint': 15.5C )
  • Humidity: 94%
  • Wind speed: 4.0mph
  • ( Wind chill: 16.5C )
  • Wind direction: WNW
  • High wind speed: 23.0mph at 1:53
The raingauge seems to be under recording and will be compared with a standard gauge over coming weeks and, if necessary, adjusted...
Outside Temp HistoryRainfall HistoryBarometer History

Today's high 21.8C Low 14.9C

Today's rain 0.0 mm now 0.0mm/hr

Barometer 1020.4mb trend Rising Slowly

Outside Temp HistoryThis month's RainBarometer History

August high 26.2C Low 7.7 C

August rainfall 27.4 mm

August low 1005.2mb high 1024.4mb

Outside Temp HistoryThis year's RainBarometer History

2018 high 30.1C Low -7.3 C

2018 rainfall 568.6 mm

2018 low 981.4mb hi 1034.8mb

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